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custom bull ropes

custom bull ropes


Custom order your next rope

Every rope can be custom ordered to fit you perfectly, pick your style of rope you need and in put your own spec's using the shopping cart system or give me a call and I can help you if your not sure with handle sizing, tail spec's and such

Evenings is the best time to catch me if you need to call in your order 

575 388 3346 home or 

575 519 8775 cell

I no longer take credit cards over the phone but I can send you an invoice to your email address once I know all the details of your order 

request an invoice at johnedd50@comcast.net you may also request a split payment plan through invoicing with up to 6 weekly payments with final payment due before your rope/products will ship

to build a custom pay plan I need your name, mailing address, email address, phone number for contact. Also need full details of your rope. Be sure to add up everything you need like if you want the double braid loop installed and which rope/products you need. If you need a pad or other accessories like the quick release please list it in the email. I will confirm your total order before completing your invoice


Welcome, let me know if you don't see what your needing


Custom rope braiding

custom bull ropes

You'll have more top side time with one of our Custom bull ropes made to fit your riding style, Baby nine builds for handles  or anything you can think of. We'll do our best to build it for you 

We specialize in building the full custom bull ropes spec'd and built on order to fit you. Understand you get what you pay for and know not many braiders are brave enough to offer an 8 week guarantee on their handles/risers. This guarantee does not cover abuse, dont pre roll your handle with pliers then expect me to replace it. I can tell if you used tools on your handle other than rosin and your glove. this covers failures experienced during normal use under the two month period from the day tracking shows you received your rope, if anything goes wrong with your handle/riser we'll replace the bull rope within the two month period. Does not cover the tail being cut to save your life. You must let me know before the 60 day's is up

60 day guarantee

Please don't call me a year and a half latter complaining about your rope, you had two months to get it taken care of

All ropes are a custom order, scheduled for building on order unless listed as "in stock"

We're getting too many robo calls everyday as such we may let your call go to message, you know what to do, I'll return your call asap

We're busy, if our products weren't the best of the best we wouldn't be worth the wait and we wouldn't be so busy!

Good work ain't cheap - Cheap work ain't good! 


pics are representative as each rope is custom made to order

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Give me a call if you have any questions about ordering, please leave a message for a return call

I build custom bull ropes and accessories for the pro bull riders down to the Mutton busters. Same quality in materials and craftsmanship no matter what rope is ordered.  

I'm the only braider that has a two month 

guarantee against handle/riser failure no matter how many rides your rope see's. give me a call and we'll take care of you. you buy your custom rope from me your covered

bullropes.com John Eddleman owner

Silver City, NM

575 388 3346 home evenings after 4 pm MST I should be around


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